Our Dark Dominion (O.D.D) Level 2 Mystery Bundle [FREE SHIPPING](Limit 1 Per Customer)

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Each O.D.D Mystery Bundle is a treasure trove of fantastic scores; however, O.D.D Mystery Bundles are special. With one, you UNLOCK what's meant just for you. What's ours is yours. Welcome to Our Dark Dominion. 

Each of "Our Dark Dominion (O.D.D) Level 2 Mystery Bundles" includes:
Three (3) comics:

  • One (1) graded, encapsulated comic book
  • One (1) raw ratio variant
  • One (1) raw non-ratio comic book

And 2 lifetime perks:

  • First you will receive a "Key Code" used to unlock YOUR price for any and all products within OUR DARK DOMINION (O.D.D) collection.
  • Second you will receive a lifetime "Cheat Code" (commensurate with the level of your O.D.D Mystery Bundle) to be used to unlock... well, you'll just have to find out for yourself.

Limit 1 Per Customer



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NOTE - We guarantee 9.2+ condition for raw books unless otherwise stated. We cannot guarantee 9.8 grades on raw books.

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